Algorithms in Social Media –
A Travel in Time and a Bid for the Future


The seminar will give participants an idea of how Algorithms govern what we see as social media users and the importance of taking algorithms (and their ever changing nature for commercial purposes) into account, when we communicate and do marketing on social media.
How has the development been? Changes over time, why it’s no longer enough to make organic posts, why does video perform so well, etc? Bid for what will happen in the future (primarily Facebook and Instagram).


Frederik Øhrgaard, Business Advisor at KOMFO, Copenhagen

frederikFrederik Øhrgaard, Business Advisor at Komfo is and experienced Business Delopment Manager with a passion for strategy, sales/marketing and all things digital.

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Casper Noreen Frid, Business Advisor at KOMFO, Copenhagen


Casper Noreen Frid, Business Advisor at Komfo is a consultant/CRM with 10+ years of experience in combining knowledge on data activation, tech, Social Media and how we act as customers. This he puts to use every day, helping all types of companies create #BrandPurpose and efficient ways to work with Social Media.

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