When physical meets digital – the future of the open lecture 


An explosive topic, three established researchers, and a promotional video that went viral. In February, an open lecture about populism received a huge response. It went far beyond our usual reach and engaged several thousand people. But it also created a situation we were not prepared for.

Stockholm University has always believed in open lectures, free and accessible to the public. They may be more important than ever. In a time when science can be brushed aside as “alternative facts”, and many no longer know what to believe – how do we promote research to a wider audience and navigate a media climate saturated with misinformation and distrust? How should we work with open lectures in the future?

Anette Gärdeklint Sylla, Project manager for open lectures, Linda Strid, Social media specialist and Gunnar Zetterberg, Producer at Stockholm University, will share insights from the case of the open lecture Brexit, Trump, Le Pen: causes and effects of populism (held on 2 February 2017 at Stockholm Public Library), and the process of updating open lectures at Stockholm University.



Anette Gärdeklint Sylla, Project manager at Stockholm University
Anette Gärdeklint Sylla is project manager for open lectures at Stockholm University. As a former reporter in Swedish news television she has broad experience in condensing complicated masses of information into short format communication and of using video as an effective way of reaching out. She also worked as project manager for the English speaking academic talk show Crosstalks, co-produced by Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, created to reach out internationally with current research at the two universities.

“I love to make research and researchers available to the public, and I strongly believe in formation as a way of making a society strong and resilient.”

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Gunnar Zetterberg, Team leader at Stockholm University
Gunnar Zetterberg is team leader of Media Production, an in-house video production unit at Stockholm University. Gunnar has a broad experience both in fiction and documentary film as director, scriptwriter and photographer. Media Production produce research news, educational films, work presentations and documentaries as well as webcasting of lectures and events.

“I have succeeded in my work when my skills on film adds something to what the researcher wants to tell us, and together we create something new.”



Linda Strid, Social media specialist at Stockholm University

Linda Strid works with digital marketing and communication at Stockholm University, and is responsible for the university’s official Instagram and Facebook pages. Her areas of expertise include social media, content marketing, online advertising and web management.

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