Through a fresher’s eyes: creating a university’s web policy

How does one go about creating a web policy? What is its purpose and who should have input?
A web professional enters the university world and lives to tell the tale: After 15 years in the media, startup and mobile web industries, Halla took over management of Reykjavik University’s website. Her first action was to write a web policy. This is the process, inputs and takeaways.

Speaker: Halla Kolbeinsdottir Web manager at Reykjavik University


Halla manages Reykjavik University’s website and is responsible for strategy as well as implementation, managing content editors and managing ongoing design and development of the site. Creating clear and easy to use websites has been her passion for 17 years and she has gained a wealth of knowledge in doing so for all kinds of companies, from global media brands to national tour operators.
Halla’s talk at NUAS offers insight into a web-veteran’s method of tackling the notoriously challenging project that a university website is; where complex information needs to be served in a simple manner to many different target audiences.