The voice of the scientist: Podcast as science communication


Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium, and has also paved its way into Academia. Starting in 2015 The Communication Division at the University of Bergen did a pilot on Scientific podcasts, coming in series tagged Climate, Migration and the Ocean. In this Circus lecture podcast producer Tane Høisæter and journalist Hilde Kvalvaag from the University of Bergen, will share some thoughts and experience on podcasting science.


Hilde Kvalvaag, Communications adviser at Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen 

hilde-kvalvaagHilde Kvalvaag has worked for fifteen years as a research journalist and editor at The University of Bergen (UiB). She has a master’s degree in Social Anthropology. Kvalvaag is also author of five novels, for adults and young adults, two of which are translated to German. She has participated in many literary events and festivals.




Tane Høisæter, Producer at DigUIB Learning and dissemination lab, University of Bergen (UiB)


Tane Høisæter is a producer at UiB, and has worked several years as a journalist and copy editor for the two main broadcasters in Norway, NRK and TV 2. She was originally trained as a radio journalist.