Student Recruitment – how to create a focused and successful marketing campaign


We would like to showcase how we achieved making a successful marketing campaign which targeted potential bachelor students. Strong involvement from senior management in the planning process and the commitment of the academic environments enabled us to ensure co-ownership of the campaign throughout the organisation.

The strong strategic focus and the commitment from the academic environments made it a joint effort to successfully plan the entire process and formulate the overall strategic, business, marketing, and communication objectives which were pursued throughout the campaign.

The process implied a shift in our strategic focus as compared to earlier campaigns. We went from pursuing an increase in the volume of student applicants to finding and targeting the “right” match of top qualified student applicants based on the strategic objective: Aarhus University aims to be the most preferred university among the best qualified potential students in Jutland and Funen. This was to be measured by an increase in the number of applicants seeking admission to Aarhus University as their first priority, an increase in the GPA of the admitted students based on their qualifying exam, and last but not least an increase in the proportion of students admitted from strategically selected geographic areas.

The presentation will go into detail with the objectives of the campaign, the creative concept, the channel strategy and the overall execution and results of the campaign where involvement from top to bottom ensured a unique and unanimous Aarhus University expression.



Søren Rask, Marketing Partner, AU Research Support and External Relations, Aarhus University

soren_rask_jensen_4Søren Rask is a marketing professional experienced in branding, marketing and consulting. He has got work experience from media agencies and large organisations and hold a proven track record in generating strong marketing results and sales. His core competences are within corporate marketing, strategy, integrated campaign planning, digital marketing, team management, event project management and brand activation.

Personal work mantra: Aim high, plan well and finish what you started.