Ready for a merger?


During six months in 2011 a merger of four faculties into two was planned and decided at University of Copenhagen. The idea of a new faculty of science came as a surprise for most of the 4000 scientific and administrative staff and the 9000 students affected by the merger. Over a few months the entire organization was reconsidered. Some departments were split in fractions and new departments were created. Several members of staff were moved to new departments. Which lessons regarding internal communication can be drawn from the process? What was successful communication and where did we fail? The focus for the presentation will be on the management’s communication strategy and the means of communication during the phases of planning, decision making and implementation of major organisational changes at a university.


Speaker: Stein Larsen, Senior Executive Officer, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen


Former Senior Executive Advisor at Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Denmark). Sociologist from University of Oslo.

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