Media City Bergen
– Changing the media world from the western coast of Norway


The media industry is developing fast, changing the way we communicate, and the way we produce, distribute and consume content. Within this context, and with increasing competition in a global market, a hub for media and technology innovation in Bergen is making its definite mark globally. New collaborations, across professional communities, across institutions, between research and industry and not least between competitors, initiates exciting and world leading innovations. How is this possible?

Anne Jacobsen is the CEO of the cluster development and innovation project in Media City Bergen™, and an alumni of the University of Bergen. She offers an unique insight in the latest media innovations and how they came to happen in a city on the western coast of the fairly small country that is Norway.


Speaker: Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media


Anne Jacobsen is the CEO of NCE Media, which is the cluster development and innovation project in Media City Bergen™, Norway. Jacobsen has a broad range of experience from the media- and technology industry and has worked with innovation, business development, journalism, analytics and research for several years. Jacobsen’s education is media science from the University of Bergen.

The media cluster is a leading international environment for innovation and knowledge development within the media and media technology, and expertise within augmented reality, graphics, visualization and broadcast. NCE Media is currently representing 80 members, most of them located in Bergen, Norway. 

Anne Jacbosen on Twitter: @annelyser