Reputation management – how universities develop their brands on a global market


Nordic universities face growing competition from around the world. Most of our universities are public, developed in the Nordic welfare system with free education. But how do we compete – and collaborate – with foreign universities when internationalization is increasing on every level of the university? What are the main challenges to develop a global academic brand? And what can we learn from the best?


Keynote speaker: 

Mark Sudbury, Senior Director of Global Engagement, St Mary´s University Twickenham, London


Mark Sudbury is Senior Director of Global Engagement at St Mary’s University, Twickenham in London since September 2016. He leads international, communications, marketing and recruitment teams for the UK’s largest Catholic university.

For the previous 9 years, he was Director of Communications and Marketing at University College London, where he delivered strategies to help the organisation to become recognised as one of the world’s leading universities, in the top 20 in the leading world university rankings. Mark Sudbury was the founding Chair of the World 100 Reputation Network, a group which brings together leaders in communications, marketing and international in top global universities.

Earlier in his career, Mark worked for the UK government where he managed communications around legislation which led to a ban on smoking in public places. He was Head of Public Affairs at the Football Association, the governing body for soccer in England, leading on the promotion of women’s football and anti-racism initiatives; and started his career at the University of Sussex.