Addressing the vaccine debate in the age of Internet


Kristin G-I Mohn and Prof Rebecca Cox, wrote a chronicle with a shockingly clear title in the regional newspaper in Bergen, which became the most read article online, with more than 400.000 individual, reads. The chronicle was also widely shared on social media across the country, granting them a prize for participating in the public debate. The jury wrote: “The chronicle was an important contribution to a health debate where people without medical background took center stage. Cox and Mohn should inspire other scientists to clean up in debates that go off track”. As a doctor and scientist she strongly felt the duty to counter the desinformation that was allowed to spread freely in different types of media. The topic of vaccines is “hot” and in the aftermath, alongside false accusations were comments of “thank you for speaking out so clearly”.

Kristin G-I Mohn will share her experience participating in the public debate about childhood vaccination program in Norway in 2015.

Read the chronicle and a follow-up interview in the regional newspaper Bergens Tidende (in Norwegian). The debate is still going on, read Kristin and her colleague Rebecca Cox latest contribution to the debate in Bergens Tidende 11th of June 2017. 


Speaker: Kristin G-I Mohn, MD, Assistant Professor at the Influenza Centre, Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Bergen (UiB)


Specialist in internal medicine and working as a senior consultant at the Emergency Care Clinic, Haukeland University Hospital. Defended her PhD in 2016 on “The immune response to influenza, after vaccination and infection”. She conducts research within influenza immunology and teaches medical and research students at UiB. She participated in the public debate concerning the childhood vaccination program in Norway.